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Zenius Piles Care Kit Beneficial for Treats All Types of Piles & Hemorrhoids - 100gm powder + 60 Capsule & Tablets

Zenius Piles Care Kit Beneficial for Treats All Types of Piles & Hemorrhoids - 100gm powder + 60 Capsule & Tablets

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Zenius Piles care kit is an ayurvedic treatment for piles made by Dr. Mohan after a deep dive research and investigation on the diseases. It’s extracted from rare herbs and natural ingredients and has no side effects. This piles treatment is made for those people who are suffering from piles and have lost hope to cure it. When it comes to Piles treatment, the sufferer always looks for a natural option to treat the issue. It is due to many perspectives. To give the best treatment for piles, we have formulated this medicine that is completely based on the natural method of treatment. It contains herbs that are mentioned in ancient scriptures for the treatment of piles. The balanced and researched combination of all the important ingredients makes this Piles medicine standout among all others.

Piles can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition for many of us. But there are ways to calm it down naturally, without any side effects. Yes! You heard that right!

Zenius Piles Care Kit from Ayurvedic Medicine Associates is the answer to all your problems! This kit contains medicine to help you get rid of piles in no time. It also contains a Yogi's Guide that helps you understand why you're getting piles and how to control them naturally. Choose this kit today, pack your bags, and head out on that exciting vacation call retreat with Zenius Piles Care Kit.



  • Relief of symptoms: Medications can help to alleviate the discomfort associated with piles, such as pain, itching, and bleeding.
  • Reduction of inflammation: Anti-inflammatory medications can help to reduce inflammation and swelling of the piles.
  • Improved bowel movements: Stool softeners and other medications can help to reduce straining during bowel movements, which can be a contributing factor to the development of piles.
  • Reduced risk of developing new piles: Making lifestyle changes, such as increasing fiber intake and staying hydrated, and taking medications as directed can help to reduce the risk of developing new piles.
  • Improved quality of life: By reducing the discomfort and other symptoms associated with piles, medications can help to improve a person's overall quality of life.
  • Quicker recovery : Medications can help to speed up the recovery process following treatment for piles, such as a surgical procedure.
  • Reduced risk of complications : By properly treating piles, the risk of complications, such as infection, can be reduced.
  • Improved healing: Medications can help to promote healing of the affected area.
  • Prevention of worsening of symptoms : By treating piles early on, the risk of the condition worsening can be reduced.
  • Improved overall health : By treating piles and addressing any underlying issues, overall health can be improved.



    • Amla, Harad, baheda, senna, saindhav, amaltas, sajjikhar, baelgiri, excipients, Energy, protein, carbohydrate, sugar, fat, dietary, pea fibre, Chitrak Mool Ext., Haldi, Neem Giri, Kali Mirch Ext., Nagkesar, Sonth, Kutki Ext., Rasount, Phitkari Pink, Mukta Pishti, Ras Singhur, Sudhgandhak, Excipients


    Recommended Dosage

    Recommended Dosage of Zenius Constipation Churan

    • 1 to 2 teaspoon at bed time or as directed by healthcare professional.

    Recommended Dosage of Zenius Fiber Tablets

    • Take 1 tablet twice a day after a day meal. 

    Recommended Dosage of Zenius Hemo Plus Capsules

    • Take 1 capsule twice a day with warm water. 
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