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Zenius Intimate Hygiene Wash for Vaginal Wash - 100ml

Zenius Intimate Hygiene Wash for Vaginal Wash - 100ml

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Zenius Intimate Hygiene Wash With a pH of 3.5, Zenius Intimate Hygiene Wash restores the pH balance in the intimate area and helps prevent irritation, itching, and dryness. The intimate area has a natural protective layer, which is acidic in nature, to help prevent infection. This layer is maintained when good bacteria called lactobacilli produce lactic acid, which maintains the acidic environment at a pH value of 3.5 to 4.5. This promotes the growth of lactobacilli, inhibiting the presence of harmful bacteria and preventing infection. A healthy vaginal flora requires a pH of 3.5–4.5. V Wash Plus, an intimate wash for women, has lactic acid, which restores vaginal pH balance, whereas most soaps have a pH value of 8 or above. The daily use of soap to cleanse the vaginal area may upset the ideal pH balance of the intimate area. This may lead to vaginal discomforts like dryness, irritation, and itching, which could eventually lead to vaginal infections. Zenius Intimate Hygiene Wash is an intimate wash for women that helps prevent unpleasant odor and irritation in the intimate area. It is safe for daily use. It has no parabens or SLS/SLES. Zenius Intimate Hygiene Wash is an intimate wash for women, usable during periods and pregnancy as well. Now don’t just wash; use Zenius Intimate Hygiene Wash Daily.

Zenius Intimate Hygiene is a vaginal wash product used to clean the vagina. Dispersion refers to the spreading or distribution of something, so "vaginal wash dispersion" likely refers to the distribution or application of the vaginal wash. It is not recommended to use any vaginal wash as the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and using any kind of wash or soap can disrupt the natural pH balance, which can lead to various infections. It is best to stick to plain water while washing the area.

It is important to wash your intimate area before and after sex to prevent the growth and spread of harmful bacteria. Make sure your partner maintains good hygiene too, as infections can spread very easily. Also, pass urine after sex.



  • Intimate wash is used for the treatment of dryness, itching, and irritation of intimate areas.
  • They also help in maintaining normal PH of the vagina which is important in preventing bacterial infection
  • Intimate wash helps balance vaginal pH levels and helps your vagina to stay healthy.
  • It helps in preventing bacterial or fungal infections in the vaginal area.
  • It also supports the growth of good bacteria called Lactobacillus, which is important for a healthy and fresh vagina.



  • Hibiscus extract, Aloevera extract, Sea buckthorn extract, Green tea extract, Tea tree oil, Rock salt, Flax seed oil, Sunflower, seed oil.


Recommended Usage

  • Apply it on the external part of the vaginal area. Never apply the solution to the internal part of the vagina. Rub it gently and then rinse it with warm water. Pat dry the area with a clean towel.
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