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Zenius Women Health Powder - energy booster for women

Zenius Women Health Powder - energy booster for women

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Women are the stronger beings as they can micromanage everything ranging from household to work and acing everything that they put their steps into. Amidst loads of work and responsibilities, they often ignore their own precious health and as a result, with age the signs start showing. Aging is normal but aging years before the set time is not acceptable anymore. Zenius brings to you a highly effective and clinically studied daily protein supplement that will boost your health to live a better life with less to worry about. Zenius Women's Health is a blend of the three best protein sources crafted in a delectable chocolate flavor to provide various health benefits.


  • Empowering Women's Health: Enhances overall well-being for women.
  • Clinically Studied Formula: Developed based on proven clinical research.
  • Anti-Aging Support: Aids in slowing down premature signs of aging.
  • Convenient Daily Supplement: Easy-to-use daily protein boost.
  • Delightful Mango Flavor: Enjoyable taste for consistent use.


Soya protein isolate, skimmed milk, protein, whey protein concentrate, malto dextrin, calcium citrate malate, thickening agent, sweether, anti caking agent, vitamin and mineral premix, Color and Flavour.


Add 20-25gm headed scoops in 250ml of skimmed milk. Upon reconstitution, stir well and use promptly

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