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Zenius Whey Protein with Kulfi Flavor for Muscle Support & Muscle Growth - 1Kg

Zenius Whey Protein with Kulfi Flavor for Muscle Support & Muscle Growth - 1Kg

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Zenius Whey Protein in the delightful Kulfi flavor! Crafted to elevate your protein intake with a burst of unique taste, this premium supplement is designed to support your fitness journey. Packed with essential amino acids and high-quality whey protein, it aids in muscle recovery and growth, ensuring you get the most out of your workouts. With its delicious Kulfi flavor, this protein powder makes achieving your fitness goals a delightful experience. Whether you're mixing it into smoothies, shakes, or baked goods, Zenius Whey Protein in Kulfi flavor offers a tasty way to fuel your body and reach new heights in your fitness regimen.



  • Boosts muscle recovery after workouts.
  • Supports lean muscle growth and development.
  • Provides essential amino acids for overall health.
  • Helps meet daily protein needs for active lifestyles.
  • Enhances post-exercise recovery and repair.
  • Convenient and delicious way to increase protein intake.



  • Please refer to the label image for information regarding the ingredients.


Recommended Dosages

  • Add one scoop (33g) of this iso whey in a blender or shaker and add approximately 150ml-200ml of water and blend for about 5 seconds to get a tasty shake.


Additional Information

Zenius Whey Protein in Kulfi flavor offers a delicious and convenient way to meet your daily protein requirements. Sourced from high-quality whey protein, it provides essential amino acids crucial for muscle repair and growth. This premium supplement supports muscle recovery after intense workouts and aids in the development of lean muscle mass. With its rich, indulgent kulfi flavor, it makes for a satisfying post-workout treat while delivering the nutrients your body needs to perform at its best. Whether you're an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or simply looking to support your active lifestyle, Zenius Whey Protein offers a tasty and effective solution to fuel your body and achieve your fitness goals

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