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Zenius Whey Protein with banana flavor for Sculpt Your Ideal Physique with Ease - 1Kg

Zenius Whey Protein with banana flavor for Sculpt Your Ideal Physique with Ease - 1Kg

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Zenius Whey Protein, featuring the delightful taste of banana, is a top-tier nutritional supplement designed to support muscle growth and fitness objectives. Formulated with premium whey protein isolate, it provides a rich source of vital amino acids essential for muscle repair and development. This convenient and delicious protein powder is ideal for post-workout recovery, delivering the necessary nutrients to replenish energy levels and expedite muscle healing. Whether you're an athlete or simply committed to a healthier lifestyle, Zenius Whey Protein offers a practical and efficient way to fulfill your protein requirements and enhance your fitness journey.



  • Enhances muscle recovery after workouts.
  • Supports muscle growth and strength.
  • Convenient way to increase daily protein intake.
  • Helps in weight management and fat loss.
  • Provides essential amino acids for overall health.
  • Boosts immune function and supports a healthy metabolism.



  • Please refer to the label image for information regarding the ingredients.


Recommended Dosages

  • Add one scoop (33g) of this ISO whey in a blender or shaker and add approximately 150ml-200ml of water and blend for about 5 seconds to get a tasty shake.


Additional Information

Zenius Whey Protein is crafted to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts and athletes seeking to optimize their protein intake. Sourced from high-quality whey, this supplement offers a convenient and effective way to support muscle growth, recovery, and overall performance. Packed with essential amino acids, it aids in repairing and rebuilding muscle fibers post-workout, helping you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently. Additionally, Zenius Whey Protein is formulated to promote weight management by providing satiety and supporting lean muscle mass development. With its delicious banana flavor, it offers a tasty and enjoyable way to fuel your body and enhance your fitness journey.

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