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Zenius Thyroid Care Capsule

Zenius Thyroid Care Capsule

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Zenius Thyroid Care Capsule contains maximum benefits for thyroid function. Gogol has powerful thyroid-stimulating and increases iodine uptake in the body. Selenium is an important trace element that is a boon for thyroid gland functioning. Thyroid Care is a trustworthy natural product with exceptional properties. Zenius Thyroid Care Capsule is a perfect natural solution to treat the thyroid in men and women. It contains effective natural ingredients like Gogol, selenium, and soybean. Each ingredient is tested and carefully selected for thyroid reduction. A thyroid energy supplement package for all your thyroid-related problems. It will provide you with energy along with a healthy metabolism and blood circulation. Grab your natural thyroid support and own a healthy lifestyle. 


Zenius Thyroid Care Dietary Supplements Capsule is beneficial for maintaining thyroid health and protects it from oxidative stress, Protects thyroid from oxidative stress, Helps to Improves the functioning of the thyroid gland, Regulates metabolism


Kanchnar guggal, kaishore guggal, ashwagadha, tulsi, mulethi, pashanbhed, saunth, pipple, kali mirch


Take 1 capsule twice a day with warm water or milk or as directed by the physician

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