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Zenius Stop SD 365 Drops for Nasha Mukti, Alcohal Anti Addiction Medicine

Zenius Stop SD 365 Drops for Nasha Mukti, Alcohal Anti Addiction Medicine

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Zenius Stop SD 365 Drops offer a potent ayurvedic solution for alcohol addiction, reducing cravings and restoring balance to the body. By soothing the nervous system and normalizing blood flow, it addresses the root causes of addiction. These drops help alleviate symptoms and support a healthy routine, empowering individuals on their journey to recovery. With Zenius Stop SD 365 Drops, every life matters, emphasizing the importance of perspective and self-belief.



  • Reduces alcohol cravings effectively.
  • Soothes the nervous system for relaxation.
  • Normalizes blood flow for better circulation.
  • Addresses deficiency caused by alcohol consumption.
  • Alleviates symptoms and supports a healthy routine.



  • A3 Strong, S3 Strong, L1 Strong, S5 Strong, S5 Strong.


Recommended Usages

  • Take 4-6 drope thrice a day with 1tb.sp water or as directed by physician.


Additional Information

Zenius Stop SD 365 Drops provide holistic support for alcohol addiction recovery. With potent ayurvedic ingredients, they reduce cravings, soothe the nervous system, and normalize blood flow. These drops address deficiencies caused by alcohol consumption, promoting healing and supporting a healthy routine.

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