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Zenius Relaxo Roll-On ,

Zenius Relaxo Roll-On ,

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Discover the power of Zenius Relaxo Roll-On, an innovative and portable remedy designed to alleviate headaches and stress with ease. Crafted for on-the-go relief, this unique roll-on capsule is your go-to solution for a quick escape from the pressures of daily life.


  1. Headache Relief: Zenius Relaxo Roll-On provides quick and targeted relief from headaches, helping to soothe tension and discomfort.

  2. Stress Reduction: Harness the calming properties of our carefully selected ingredients to ease stress and promote a sense of relaxation.

  3. On-the-Go Convenience: Compact and travel-friendly, this roll-on is perfect for those moments when you need instant relief, whether at work, home, or on the move.

  4. Refreshing Sensation: Enjoy the refreshing and invigorating sensation as you roll on the soothing formula, awakening your senses and revitalizing your mood.


  • Peppermint Oil: Known for its cooling effect, peppermint oil helps alleviate headaches and provides a refreshing sensation.

  • Lavender Oil: Renowned for its calming properties, lavender oil contributes to stress relief and relaxation.

  • Eucalyptus Oil: With its invigorating aroma, eucalyptus oil helps ease tension and promotes a clear mind.

  • Jojoba Oil: Nourishing and hydrating, jojoba oil serves as the carrier oil, ensuring a gentle application and enhancing the effectiveness of the essential oils.

How to Use:

  1. Apply with Ease: Gently roll on Zenius Relaxo Roll-On to the temples, forehead, and the back of the neck.

  2. Massage In: Use your fingertips to massage the rolled-on areas in a circular motion for enhanced absorption and soothing effect.

  3. Inhale Deeply: Take a moment to inhale deeply after application, allowing the calming aroma to envelop you in relaxation.

  4. Reapply as Needed: Use as often as required for quick and effective relief from headaches and stress throughout the day.

Experience the convenience of Zenius Relaxo Roll-On – your pocket-sized remedy for headaches and stress. Say goodbye to tension and embrace a revitalized you wherever life takes you. Elevate your well-being with the soothing touch of Zenius.

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