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Zenius Ear O Care Capsule for Enhanced earing for Men and Women - 60 Capsules

Zenius Ear O Care Capsule for Enhanced earing for Men and Women - 60 Capsules

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Zenius Ear O Care Capsule, proudly presented by Zenius India Brand, is a groundbreaking ayurvedic supplement meticulously crafted to nurture and elevate your auditory well-being. This unique formulation, made with natural ingredients, aims to enhance hearing clarity and safeguard against age-related hearing loss. Experience the wonders of crisper, more vibrant soundscapes with Zenius Ear O Care Capsule.



  • Enhanced Hearing: Zenius Ear O Care Capsule is formulated to enhance your hearing abilities, making it easier to enjoy conversations and sounds.
  • Age-Related Protection: Protect your hearing against the effects of aging, ensuring a vibrant auditory experience as you grow older.
  • Natural Ingredients: These capsules contain natural ingredients known for their auditory health benefits, promoting overall well-being.
  • Clarity and Sharpness: Experience clearer and sharper auditory sensations, enriching your quality of life.



  • Saturated, Polyunsaturated, Monounsaturated, Carbohydrate, Cholesterol, Trans Fatty Acid, Protein, Wheat germ Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Lutein, Astaxanthin


Recommended Dosage

  • Take 1 capsule twice a day with warm water or milk.
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