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Zenius Digestive Care Capsule for Digestion and Absorption Medicine - 60 Capsules

Zenius Digestive Care Capsule for Digestion and Absorption Medicine - 60 Capsules

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Zenius Digestive Care Capsule features ginger root and peppermint that soothe the digestive tract along with licorice extract that helps fight inflammation. To top it, fennel seeds in this digestive care capsule alleviate gastric troubles and support regular bowel movement. Increasing intake of low-fiber junk food and other forms of poor diet has made digestive issues a common thing, even among the younger generation. These issues are general but when ignored can have serious consequences for the body. Zenius Digestive Care Capsule contains powerful herbal ingredients that promote digestive health by regulating enzymatic activities in your body.


  • Digestive health: The Digestive Care capsules help regulate your bowel movements. Amla and thyme support better absorption of food and combats indigestion. It ensures a robust and clean gut functioning that strengthens your digestive health.,
  • Immune health: These capsules are a mixture of natural ingredients that are potent antioxidants, antimicrobials, and have anti-inflammatory properties. It safeguards your body against oxidative damage, targets free radicals and boosts immunity.,
  • Cognitive functioning: Thyme, mint, and amla are well-known for their positive impact on brain health. These capsules have the right blend of all these ingredients that improve alertness and alleviate stress and anxiety.,
  • Nutritional food: Made with the goodness of amla, senna leaves, green ginger, mint leaves, thyme, dill seeds, and dandelion root powder, these capsules are superfood due to the high nutritional value of each ingredient.


  • Papaya khseer, kutaj, chavya, chitrak, ajwain, dalchini, hing, saunth, pippal, kali mirch, vai vidang, vatsnabh.

Recommended usage

  • Take 1 capsule twice a day with warm water or milk.
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